Spa manager position at The 7 Secrets Resort & Wellness Retreat Job vacancy. APPLICATION CLOSED!!! 19/09/2015

APPLICATION CLOSED!!!  19/09/2015 Spa Manager Full Time position Responsible for: Resonance Spa at the 7 Secrets Resort & Wel...


Spa Manager
Full Time position
Responsible for: Resonance Spa at the 7 Secrets Resort & Wellness Retreat
The ideal candidate for the Spa manager position at The 7 Secrets Resort & Wellness Retreat is a competent and confident leader in performance management. The candidate needs to have a very strong proven track record in managing a successful Spa in the Luxury segment. The ideal candidate must have previous experience in managing a Spa in Asia with a good knowledge of European treatments and high end skin care product lines.

Position Summary:
The Spa Manager plays a very important role in the daily operations of our business. They are responsible for driving sales and overseeing the execution/implementation of key business initiatives for The Resonance Spa. They oversee the day-to-day activities of our spa to ensure our customers and leisure members are consistently treated to an impeccable customer service experience, and that the operations run smoothly, efficiently and profitably.
In addition, the Spa Manager has the responsibility for managing a team of Beauty Therapists and Spa Assistants; he/she will ensure that all policies/procedures have been clearly communicated and are adhered to, maintain positive employee relations and last but not least, ensure that we are staffed with team members who can deliver best practice and high standards in all areas and services.
Flexibility is important; this position will require availability to work varied shifts including weekends, evenings, holidays and sick cover.

Essential Functions
Customer Experience
  • Lead, direct and supervise spa team in creating an outstanding experience for the customer – pampered to perfection’ so that customers are greeted in a professional, friendly, and timely manner
  • Provide consistent high standards of customer service by greeting and assisting customers, and excellent leadership skills—own and manage the department!
  • Protect employees and customers by providing a safe and clean spa and leisure environment.
  • Provide gym assessments and fitness programs for members and customers as required.
  • Ensure all complaints are dealt with promptly and efficiently and in confidence, initiating corrective actions if required.
  • Ensure all customer feedback (guest questionnaires, verbal comments, emails, etc) is used to inform changes in practice and provide staff training or corrective actions to ensure high standards are maintained.

  • Consistently develop, promote and grow retail sales and services through training, tools and monitoring.
  • Achieve financial objectives by monitoring weekly membership, day visitors and beauty treatment bookings, flash reports and monthly and annual budget; analyzing variances, and maximizing results in the area of sales, merchandising and operations.
  • Analyze monthly KPIs to create work schedules to ensure business targets and sales are being met.
  • Promote personal training, classes and secondary spend areas where appropriate.
  • Liaise with third party providers to increase brand awareness and revenue stream.

Marketing Management
  • Guide business decisions by staying on top of Spa industry trends.
  • Ensure the Spa is always staged for maximum buyer impact.
  • Monitor appointments and bookings and highlight any problems or troughs in business to the Managing Director so that marketing strategies can be implemented to boost bookings.
  • Liaise with the Sales and Marketing Director to develop The Resonance Spa’s marketing strategy and ensure a consistent image is being portrayed.
  • Maintain and update all necessary internal and external signage and promotional literature.
  • Create ongoing in-house promotions and activities to stimulate sales, staff and customers (hotel guests, day visitors and members).
  • Maintain fresh, effective methods to consistently retain and grow customer base.

Managerial Team
  • Liaise with the Sales and Marketing Director to promote all aspects of the spa facility.
  • Attend monthly Operations meetings .

  • The Spa Manager should demonstrate an exceptional level of professionalism for the staff to emulate and create a motivating environment of sincerity, warmth and fun for staff and guests.
  • Interview and select members of the team.
  • Ensure all therapists are fully trained and competent to undertake the treatments offered.
  • Guide staff to become caring problem solvers, cooperative, accommodating and fair.
  • Implement ongoing skills training to ensure service standards are being upheld.
  • Keep employees motivated and working as a team, making sure each member of staff understands and adheres to company policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Provide monthly rosters of work one month in advance for all spa staff ensuring that staffing levels are maintained to meet customer demands and within agreed budgets, and to maximize revenue generation and profitability.
  • Maintain positive employee relations by keeping open lines of communication with team.
  • Hold monthly staff meetings with all spa staff and provide copies of minutes to General Manager.
  • Provide regular performance management support to all spa staff.

  • Ensure consistent and timely opening and closing of the Spa ensuring the security of the Spa facility at the close of each day in line with company requirements.
  • Ensure adherence to daily reconciliation of the till (cashing up) procedures and transfer of cash to the safe.
  • Ensure availability of merchandise and services by maintaining appropriate stock levels and submit monthly stock reports
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge.
  • Ensure all staff effectively operates the computer booking system/diary and till to support accurate bookings and sales.
  • Ensure all equipment is maintained in good working order.

Essential Requirements:
  • 5 or more years of spa management background
  • attention to detail, accuracy and ability to multitask
  • excellent communication skills both speaking and in writing
  • proficiency in Word, Excel, Outlook (Concept is a plus)
  • outstanding customer service skills
  • ability to establish priorities and meet deadlines
  • Proven history of excellence in a sales driven environment

Send your application here: [email protected]
Please send your CV no more than 2MB to avoid bouncing.

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Hotelier Indonesia Jobs: Spa manager position at The 7 Secrets Resort & Wellness Retreat Job vacancy. APPLICATION CLOSED!!! 19/09/2015
Spa manager position at The 7 Secrets Resort & Wellness Retreat Job vacancy. APPLICATION CLOSED!!! 19/09/2015
Hotelier Indonesia Jobs
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