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Grand Everbright Karawang is a 4 star hotel property managed by SoAsia Hotels. Located in the strategic area of Karawang city which surrounded by the Major Integrated Industrial Area such as Karawang International Industrial City (KIIC), Surya Cipta City of Industry, Industrial Area Mitra Karawang. It has 172 rooms with elegant and contemporary design with a blend of warm and comfortable colors. Also complemented with restaurant facilities that serve a variety of Asian food, Western and Japanese. As a complement to the facilities within the hotel is also available an outdoor swimming pool that blends with Gymnasium and Spa facilities.

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Hotelier Indonesia

Hotelier Indonesia magazine covers hotel management companies and every major chain headquarters. We reaches hotel owners, senior management, operators, chef and other staff who influence, designers, architects, all buyers, suppliers for hospitality products or services more than any other hotel publication in the world..

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